#Straightpride :?

My guess is that most people dont understand the history of gay pride month. Most gay people prolly dont. Pride was born out of having to fight to freedom to be. The thing is that I would love for there to be no reason for gay pride parades and festivals. In 1969 at the stonewall inn in NYC a small group of gays including mostly drag queens fought back as they where targeted and raided for being a gay club. Pride is the one day a year where many people feel free to be themselves 100% in public. Straight people dont think about holding hands or a quick good bye kiss as they leave there significant  other. This is just not the reality in most place the LGBTQ community. There a many many stories of Trans people that pride is the first time they have gone out in public and their authentic selves.  Pride comes from a place that no one should have ever have to experience. So just be thankful that you really dont need a straight pride. And alot of groups have festival and things that celebrate there heritage. It might be Italian, German, in my town the Greek fest is a major weekend celebrate who you are not matter what that is. But you dont have to hate of someone just because you might not lamb or baklava. I am proud to part of a heritage drag queen ass kickers who stood up and said enough in enough, and fought for the freedom that we are promised as Americans.

The real moral of the story is dont piss of Drag Queens 😛


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