Mid Summer Blues

It seems that every summer about the start of July I end up in a almost depressed funk. I have never really been able to pin point exactly what causes it but its still there. Part of it I know is the heat, I hate being hot. Last summer my life totally changed for the actions of other people, at first it seemed like a bad change but I think it honestly ended up being a good path for most of us involved. My two nephews came to live with me a about six months. Talk about a culture shock from being a single guy living alone to my dad and both nephews in a what always seemed like a small house but it became much smaller. Its amazing how much stuff a 9 and 10 year old have.  My life became not my own at all, if I was not at work I was doing something for the boy, dad, or my grandmother. Luckily at first I was only working one job for the first month or so (normally I have at least two jobs if not three). But we found a somewhat dysfunctional routine that worked, with a few meltdowns on all sides but in the end it worked out much better then I ever dreamed it.

I will admit that I was forced into it and it was not something I did at first willingly. Yet in the end I know that it was the right choice and best thing that could have happened. I have often been told how great it was that I had stepped up to take care of the boys and all, but in the end I just did what I had to do. Life often throws stuff at that we dont want to handle or dont think we can handle but almost always we can and do.

This July has started of really Blah, with heat and rain. My nephews are moving half way across the country at the end of week (which I am cautiously optimistic is going to be a good move). The state of WV is a mess in so many ways physically, economically, politically ect. Its hard to see the positive, for those of you that know me well I have been saying for years that its time for me to move. Move where most people ask? I honestly have no idea at all but I really do not have much keeping me here anymore. As I explore in the next months to see what my life is really going to look like we will see what happens. I just hope and pray that everything is happening works out for the best like it always in the end seems to.


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