Yesterday on the Facebook I took how privileged are you quiz.  From this quizzes perspective I am not very privileged, even with being a white male American.  There is part of what it said that I think was right other parts…..not so much. Being born in the USA automatically makes your privileged. Have I had hardships to deal with that other people haven’t for sure, but those hardships are what makes me the guy am so I would not want to change them. From the outward perspective I grew up in pretty typical upper middle class upbringing, the reality was far from that. I had a very ill mother who did her best but was not able to do what most mothers did, for the most part I had a abstinent father who really was only around when other people saw it. The reality of my life was I have done my own laundry since I was 11, been cooking my own meals equally as long. The house we lived in growing up belonged to my grandparents or we could have never lived in the neighborhood we did. All four of grandparents did everything they could for us and understood our ques that we need food or something. From the time I was 5 till 18 I spent every summer in Maryland at my grandparents which I loved, but looking back realize how odd that really was.

Then there is the gay thing, yes I have been almost beaten up and called fag more times then I could count. I have been rejected by groups of people claiming the love of Christ……

I am very lucky and privileged to have the life I have. As i said before without all of the thing that made me rank really low on the privilege scale where would I be? I have two college degrees, I have the privilege of not only have one job but three. There are people all over the world that would love to have 1/8 or less of what I have. Are there injustices in this country? Yep of course but as an American we all need to check our privilege at the border and realize how great we do have it.



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