According to Pokemon Go Fifth Avenue Baptist Church is a mainstay in the area and has nice stone work, both of these are very true statements. I dont think that Pokemon really meant how I have taken this. I have been asked to tell a group a youth of why Fifth Ave. is important to me, the stonework might be it. Yes the building has amazing masonry and I even talk about it during my art classes I teach at the university but its so much more then that. The people of the church is so much more important then the building which is housed. The church I grew up in still means so much to me, but I know God lead me from there for a reason.Being a gay baptist is kind of a crazy thought for most people, but I dont want to be anything else.

There are so many people who have changed my life is so many positive ways and have held me up when I was ready to crash or at least helped my pick of the pieces after the fall. What makes FAB so special is that we might not all agree of things but we can agree to disagree on things and work to build not crush. We have very liberal people and ultra conservative some old school thoughts and modern thinkers. No matter where you come from we are ready to welcome to everyone. Its hard to really find a group that will hold you and help you grow, even though you might be in a very dark place they will shine the light till you are ready to see it. The stone work that these people have laid in my heart is something that no matter how my heart might be hurt by other people I know that I have a support system with the mortar ready to patch the cracks might have been created.  A broken born is stronger at the point of the break after it heals, even though the crack might sill be visible its these cracks that make us who we are. But the most important thing in life is not only finding people who will love you are your best, but even more important is finding people who will love at your lowest darkest points.


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