If’s or Buts

Can love have if’s or buts? We are called to love everyone and even if you are not religious I feel like this a pretty good idea right? If we do our best to love (and sometimes we fail) then we are trying to make the world a better place. Jesus loved just loved, he never said I would love them but or if they change….I would be able to love them. The English language is majorly lacking  in love, we have one word that we use to love coffee and the same word that we love our grandmother. In Greek that was not the case there are different type of love and I am not qualified to be able to give you lesson in that really, but they had a word for romantic love, one for how a parent loves a child, a word for love of friendships which for me kinda blends with that love a child kinda love at times they had words to really say what they meant.

Learning to really love ourselves is the first step in learning to love others. So many people are filled with self hatred and doubt, so of this self inflicted other times it is cultural, and the worse for me is when these ideas come from the church. Authenticity is what people crave you can always tell when someone is being authentic or trying to be something they are not. This weekend I had the privilege to talk to a group of 6 through 12 graders (and some adults as well) my challenge for them was to live authentically and to find people who love them no matter what. If you ever hear the words if or but when someone is talking about someone they say they love or could love my advice is to walk away, love is love not if or but. Micheal W. Smith said in a song that love isnt love till you give it away, giving away that love sometimes hurts cause its taken but handed back, or you love to the point that you have to just let the person live the life they want (we can’t help or change people who don’t want help).

It all boils down to and will always boil down to………


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