Can we really agree to disagree?

Can we really agree to disagree?  I would love to think that we can, but I am not so sure honestly. A lot times this process just ended up hurting one or both of the people. Do we need people who disagree with a thought process around because they challenge us to grow and think about ways of thinking. Often people will get so focused on something small they loose the larger picture. We live in a world where if something is on CNN or Facebook it has to be true, when in reality while it might be truthful at times its very much not the whole story. In the political climate we are currently in it has became toxic to try and voice and opinion about about anything, which really does it matter what we think? We need to understand why think and believe the way do but does it matter to the mass of the people on our friends list? Prolly not even a little bit.

I have told in the last weeks that I am a uneducated, no one care about anything I have to say, that I am just some gay man who needs to mind his own business and repent, as well as other things for people I dont know from anyone. These are people that are hiding behind a keyboard saying things that I would almost promise they would never say in person. I have many people mostly from that past that I truly do love that because of the political beliefs that have are really setting me and lot of people I care about up for a very hard life for a few years or longer. So do I vocalize this to them? I most likley won’t I just go back to agree to disagree. But at what point do we have to for own well being and safe say no your just wrong we dont disagree your just wrong?



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