Mondays are always Mondays

Today has been a really cruddy day to say the least. Mondays always come for the good or bad, but the reality is that its not mondays fault. Its been a rough day and have I have spent much of worrying about things that I can’t really do anything about now. If we spend all of today worrying about tomorrow then what have missed today. We all make mistakes in life some of which a minor others major but once its done there is not much we can do about it other work past it. Yes some things in life we can’t fix others we can but spending time worried about it does not fix anything.

Things in life I believe happen for a reason and sometimes it very clear others time its really muddy. I am currently working a job that does not really match anything in life that I would have ever dreamed I would be doing, and in that I have made a mistake that might be able to fixed and it might not the out come of that mistake is still very unclear but I know I am that I am there for a reason and I hope that my time is not up till I learn that reason. Some places, some things, and some people are hear for season others here for a lifetime. I have grown and changed a lot in the last few years let some people leave my life that no matter how much you care for them they are toxic slowly bringing others back in that slipped away. Some times places bring us great joy other times and those same places can bring sadness, Joy and sadness are often way to connected for my comfort zone. The things in life that we think we want the most might be the thing we need to least. So come what many in time life happens and we just have to do the best with in time that we can.


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