Dr. Jackson

This morning I was on campus picking up some stuff and dropping off some stuff, and had this major sense peace. Marshall’s campus has been a place with great memories and place with not so great one but its home. I have spent a lot of time in the last few days things about the past and how events we find unremarkable at the time can change our lives forever. In late august in 1999 I walked onto Marshall’s campus as a very awkward and quiet freshman, that morning I was heading to Smith Hall 621 for my art appreciation class.  In that room I found I about 49 other scared freshman and teacher that to be honest was super scary at the time. But one that would end up changing the course of my life in a direction that I would have never dreamed.

Over the course of years in college I had like 8 classes for her, and learned things that I had no idea I had really stored in my memory. From the first art survey course to the last class I had with her Italian Renaissance she pushed students who she saw something special in to do the very best they could. This would often lead to resubmit-ion after resubmit-ion, and anger and cussing at times.  But if you could not find the information you need give her 20 min worth of library searching and googling and she would have a list of anything you could need.  She always said he trick is finding the right wording to get it to tell what you wanted to know. Because she could see when you turned in something that was not your best you wanted to make it your best before she saw it. As a good college professor does she challenged our thought process making her students question everything from general written history, religion, and just general social constructs. There where times when I had to be pushed back in my seat so I did not get up and walk out others where I agreed so well I wanted to say amen.

As few year after I got to know her I was given the chance to teach that same art 112 class I had her for that first day. Well the reality is I most likely would not have been in grad school at all without her pushing me to do it. Every time I saw her she always asked if I had applied yet. And when teaching that first semester I had never taught anyone older then preschool, and well college freshman and preschoolers I learned have a lot in common but that’s another blog. In my unconfidence  of being able to teach she really went above and beyond to make sure I had the tool I need to be successful for myself and for my students. That class has become one of my passions and something I really look forward to each new semester, prolly dont talk to me about at the end of the semester you might get a different story :P.  As school is starting back we never know how one 9am art class could really change the course of your life in ways you never saw coming.


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