A time to think

I have not post anything for a long while because there was nothing I had to say that was not going to start a battle that I was not willing to fight. Today a new leader was put in office, I say put in office and not elected because the numbers of this election prove this leader is not who the majority of America wanted. While I dont at all wish or want failure I personally will not support the actions of someone who only breed hate and anger. Hate and anger and powerful tools get people to follow you, oh and of course fear. Evil has always been in the world and will continue to be. The electoral college let hate win, and in the end it is them who elect any president the mass of American people really do not matter at all. But with all the said…….

The next four years are going to be stressful for many people. The fact that since the election hate crimes have jumps to astronomical numbers is very telling. People have been given the right to hate and be petty. For someone who says he can do a lot things, the only thing that seems to work is a twitter war with SNL and Meryl Streep.

But our bed has been made and it might have some lumps in but we all have to figure out how to lay in it. What does this look like for those who have very justified fears? I really dont know that there is a good answer to that question. What I do know is that we all have to stop judging the lives of other people and how they are aloud to feel. Today I was told I was snowflake that thinks his feeling are more important then the national safety.  Am I concerned  with national safety? of course I am. But if someone whats to do something evil no policy, Wall, War, President, or anything else is going to stop them. Do we need to be diligent and watchful also of course we do, but if you live your life in fear that is not a life I want. I have spent a lot in fear, personally I am done with that June 12, 2016 changed my perspective forever if we let fear and hate win not only have we lost but so has everyone else.

Just a few months ago before the election was over I was walking down the street and a group of men yelled out the car windows at me that when trump was president they would finally have the right to just shoot all the faggots so they didnt even have to look at them anymore. Do I believe on any level that would ever become acceptable I would say no, I also think about the Jews in Germany not all that long ago would they have said the same before the Nazis came to power? Every time I think about how judgmental people are I always go back to Mary washing Jesus feet with very expensive oil and drying them with her hair, while she was rebuked because of the cost of the oil just let her do what she needed to do.  We all pay a cost it might not be oil, it might be in hatered from others it might be so many different things. As we go into this new world so many things are unknown…….

These things unknown are very upsetting for many and the ones that it does not upset can’t seem to understand and be willing to just give the space many need. For the last eight years we where told to sit back and deal with the dislike of the previous leader but now we are snowflakes because we are scared about things that the President and Vice President have actually said and done unlike the past when it was most all based on the color of his skin. I pray we can all find the humanity Jesus gave Mary when others did not understand the cost to her. Remember that we all come from different places and background and you are allowed to feel how you want but you are not allowed tell others how they need feel.


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