Change comes from within

Today i have in over run with negative thoughts about a city that I love and call home. While Huntington has its problems, the biggest is peoples attitudes. In life if we are not working change things for the better then we are part of the problem. Sitting on the side lines and complaining about things and not working to fix what you see as negatives is just making things worse. A lot of people over the years have asked why I still live here? I have asked myself the same question from time to time. If you would have asked my 18 or 19 year old self where I would be living at 35 my answer would have been anywhere but here. I would be lying if I said there was not still times I think about it. By moving I might be able to make some areas of my life better but loose a lot in other parts.

People ask me all the time why I attend the church which I do, It is a relatively conservative baptist church in a medium sized city.  Do we have churches that are more inclusive of the LGBTQ community 100%, does that make them better? It for sure does not make them worse but better I dont know really. I love my church and most of the people within the columns of it, there are people who are not my favorite but thats true in all parts of life. I could have switched churches when I came out and it might have been easier but whats easier is not always whats best. I have a very dear friend who one night after sharing my story she came up to me and gave me the biggest hug and said thank you, I ask for what and her answer was  being the real you no matter what people say or do. That night I was able to change the mind of one person about how the LGBTQ community fits in the church, and by opening that one mind  I made a difference. I was having lunch with our new minister not long after he came to the church, we talked about a lot  of things. He came from a background that might not have been welcoming of people openly apart of LGBTQ community but was willing to talk and hear my story and understand a bit more about what makes me tick. He made the comment that the conversation we had  would not have been something that would have ever happened in his past, do I think I changed everything he thinks and believes not even a little but what I know I was able to do was attach a face and story to a very painful topic for a lot of people. If I would have left none of the would have happened.

When you live in a area that has some major issues ones that are so big it seem impossible to tackle them, we have to look at small time where we make a change for the better. Every small act builds to make a major change, that change can be for good or for bad depending on the act.