Lessons from my Grandfather

Recently I have been thinking a lot about lessons I was taught from my grandfather. So of these where verbal lessons others I learned from watching him.


  • Always go to the funeral
    • I have never heard anyone say they regret attending a funeral, while is not nothing that brings great joy or something we really want to do. DO IT ANYWAY! You never know what your presence might mean to someone else.
  • A strong handshake tells more about you then word ever could
    • A strong handshake will making eye contact can speak volumes about you a person. No one like to shake a weak hand, a firm no frills hand shake is the way to go ALWAYS.
  • Never go to bed angry
    • This one is easy I think figure it out before you go bed…..
  • Every male over the age of 10 should be about to tie a neck tie
    • I remember on Easter when  I was 9 or 10 I was getting dressed and my grandfather saw me putting on a clip on tie and her grabbed the tie and threw in the trash, saying its time you learned how tie a tie. So we went to tie collection and found one that matched my outfit and we processed to tie and retie ours ties together in the bathroom mirror till mine was finally the right length and stuff. Simple task that find attractive, its almost a turn off if a guy cant tie a tie.
  • Gender roles are not real
    • In my grandparents world traditional gender role didnt have a part, But illness changes alot of rules. My grandfather did laundry, cooked, cleaned, There was never anything I saw as having a gender role you did what needed to be done.
  • Love can fix most anything
    • No matter how bad things got Love was the key, Love made everything okay even if just for a little while. I dont know that I ever remember my grandfather saying I love you or anything like that, but his actions spoke so much louder then his words ever could have. He had been diagnosed with cancer right before my senior prom and by graduation he was in the middle treatments and was pretty sick but not matter how many time we tried to talk him into staying in Maryland he would not miss my graduation, by the next thanksgiving he was gone but you knew how much cared even without the words.